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Here are the publications of Area 13 with the greatest international visibility obtained by members of the department in the period 2018-2022.



  • Gerardi, I. Monzón: Bargaining over a Divisible Good in the Market for Lemons (with L. Maestri), American Economic Review, 2022, 112, 1591-1620.
  • Borella: Are Marriage-Related Taxes and Social Security Benefits Holding Back Female Labor Supply? (with M. De Nardi, and F. Yang), The Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.
  • Pagliero: Competition and Pass-Through: Evidence from Isolated Markets (with Christos Genakos), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2022, 14 (4), 35-57.
  • Mastrobuoni: Leave the Door Open? Prison Conditions and Recidivism (with D. Terlizzese), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2022, 14 (4), 200-233.
  • Monte: Dynamic Information Design under Constrained Communication Rules (with C. Lorecchio), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Mastrobuoni: Migrants at Sea: Unintended Consequences of Search and Rescue Operations, (with C. Deiana, and V. Maheshri), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, conditionally accepted.
  • Esposito: Epidemic Shocks and Civil Violence: Evidence from Malaria Outbreaks in Africa (with M. Cervellati and U. Sunde), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2022, 104(4), 780-796.
  • Trojani: On the Nature of Jump Risk Premia (with P. Orłowski and P. Schneider), Management Science, forthcoming.
  • De Angelis: Climate Impact Investing (with P. Tankov and O. Zerbib), Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Gerardi, I. Monzón: The Perils of Friendly Oversight (with E. Grillo), Journal of Economic Theory, 2022, 204: 105500.
  • Stanca: Foundations of Ambiguity Models under Symmetry: α-MEU and Smooth Ambiguity (with P. Klibanoff, S. Mukerji and K. Seo), Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.
  • Di Giacomo: The Effect of Co-Payments on the Take-Up of Prenatal Tests (with M. Piacenza, L. Siciliani and G. Turati), Journal of Health Economics, 2022, 81: 102553.
  • De Angelis: On the Value of non-Markovian Dynkin Games with Partial and Asymmetric Information (with N. Merkulov and J. Palczewski), Annals of Applied Probability, 2022, 32, 3: 1774-1813.
  • Favaro: More for Less: Predicting and Maximizing Genetic Variant Discovery via Bayesian Nonparametrics (with T. Broderick, F. Camerlenghi and L. Masoero), Biometrika, 2022, 109, 17-32.
  • De Blasi: Posterior Asymptotics for Boosted Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Mixtures (with M. Catalano, A. Lijoi and I. Pruenster), Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2022, 23, 1-23.


  • Mastrobuoni: The Race Between Deterrence and Displacement: Theory and Evidence from Bank Robberies (with V. Maheshri), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2021, 103 (3), 547–562.
  • Trojani: Model-Free International Stochastic Discount Factors (with M. Sandulescu and A. Vedolin), Journal of Finance, 2021, 76 (2), 935-976.
  • Trojani: The Price of the Smile and Variance Risk Premia (with P. Gruber and C. Tebaldi), Management Science, 2021, 67 (7), 3985–4642.
  • Pennesi: A Foundation for Cue-Triggered Behavior, Management Science, 2021, 67 (4), 2403-2419.
  • Stanca: Smooth Aggregation of Bayesian Experts, Journal of Economic Theory, 2021, 196: 105308.
  • Favaro: Consistent Estimation of Small Masses in Feature Sampling (with F. Ayed, M. Battiston and F. Camerlenghi), Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2021, 22, 1-28.
  • Favaro: Optimal Disclosure Risk Assessment (with F. Camerlenghi, Z. Naulet and F. Panero), Annals of Statistics, 2021, 49, 723-744.


  • Mastrobuoni: Crime is Terribly Revealing: Information Technology and Police Productivity, The Review of Economic Studies, 2020, 87 (6), 2727-2753.
  • Gallice: Economic and Social-Class Voting in a Model of Redistribution with Social Concerns (with E. Grillo), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020, 20 (6), 3140-3172.
  • Gerardi: Dynamic Contracting with Limited Commitment and the Ratchet Effect (with Lucas Maestri), Theoretical Economics, 2020, 15, 583-623.
  • Gerardi: Efficiency in Decentralized Markets with Aggregate Uncertainty (with B. Camargo and L. Maestri), The Economic Journal, 2020, 130, 446-461.
  • Trojani: Dividend Growth Predictability and the Price Dividend Ratio (with I. Piatti), Management Science, 2020, 66 (1), 130-158.
  • Ghirardato, D. Pennesi: A General Theory of Subjective Mixtures, Journal of Economic Theory, 2020, 188: 105056.
  • Gambetti: On the Empirical (Ir)Relevance of the Zero Lower Bound Constraint (with D. Debortoli and J. Galí), NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 2020.
  • Borella: The Lost Ones: The Opportunities and Outcomes of White, Non-College-Educated Americans Born in the 1960s (with M. De Nardi, and F. Yang), NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 2020.
  • Favaro: Bayesian Mixed Effects Models for Zero-Inflated Compositions in Microbiome Data Analysis (with S. Bacallado, C. Huttenhower, B. Ren and L. Trippa), Annals of Applied Statistics, 2020, 14, 494-517.


  • Trojani: (Almost) Model-Free Recovery (with P. Schneider), Journal of Finance, 2019, 74 (1), 323-370.
  • Nicodano, L. Regis: A Trade-Off Theory of Ownership and Capital Structure, Journal of Financial Economics, 2019, 131 (3), 715-735.
  • Marfè: Should Investors Learn about the Timing of Equity Risk? (with M. Hasler and M. Khapko), Journal of Financial Economics, 2019, 132 (3), 182-204.
  • Passarelli: Loss Aversion in Politics (with A. Alesina), American Journal of Political Science, 2019, 63 (4), 936-947.
  • Monte: Strategic Performance of Deferred Acceptance in Dynamic Matching Problems (with J. Kennes and N. Tumennasan), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2019, 11 (2), 55-97.
  • Gallice, I. Monzón: Cooperation in Social Dilemmas through Position Uncertainty, The Economic Journal, 2019, 129 (621), 2137–2154.
  • Mastrobuoni: Optimising Criminal Behavior and the Disutility of Prison, (with D. Rivers), The Economic Journal, 2019, 129 (619): 1364-1399.
  • Mastrobuoni: Police Disruption and Performance: Evidence from Recurrent Redeployment Within a City, Journal of Public Economics, 2019, 176, 18-31.
  • Monzón: Observational Learning in Large Anonymous Games, Theoretical Economics, 2019, 14, 403-435.


  • Devicienti, I. Monzón: Identifying Sorting in Practice (with C. Bartolucci), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2018, 10(4), 408-438.
  • Ghirardato: Risk Sharing in the Small and in the Large, (with M. Siniscalchi), Journal of Economic Theory, 2018, 175, 730-765.
  • Favaro: Multi-Armed Bandits for Species Discovery: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach (with M. Battiston and Y.W. Teh), Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2018, 113, 455-466.


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