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Quality of research and teaching

The National System of Quality Assurance and University Assessment and Accreditation adheres to European standards and guidelines (Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area - ESG), incorporated by the National Agency for the Assessment of the University System and Research (ANVUR) into the National Quality Assurance System.

These guidelines provide for designing, monitoring and assessing/self-assessing the curriculum, research and outreach/public engagement, in order to guarantee compliance with content and objective quality standards.

The Director is responsible for defining the Department's Quality Assurance Policies for Research, Outreach/Public Engagement and Courses.

The Department of Management "Valter Cantino" has named Prof. Paolo Di Martino as QA Contact Person, as he is part of the Quality Presidium network so already supports the Department in quality assurance processes on course, research and outreach/public engagement issues.


Policy documents (in Italian)


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